Organic Farms of Treta : Produce from a land that was never polluted

The farms of Treta are spread from the Himalayas to the plains of India. Each region of India offers a different climate and soil conditions, hence, a variety of organic products can be grown throughout its length and breadth.

The excessive and uncontrolled use of the pesticides and fertilizers has polluted the Earth, Water and Air, all the essential sacred elements that have made us (our soul and our body). Even Plants require around 16 different nutrients to grow, out of which, 13 are available with the Earth (soil), and other 3 are available through Water and Air. However, with the prolonged use of chemical fertilizers, the soil loses all its micronutrients. This also adversely affects the fertility of soil and the quality of produce. Seeds so produced have different deformities and further use of these deformed seeds deteriorates the results even more.

Over the time, these sick crop yields/produce become hazardous to human and animal consumption.

These crop yields show their adverse impact on human life gradually. With the increasing use of chemical pesticides to grow our food, traces of synthetic chemicals can be found in the upper levels of the food chain. It could be very – very harmful for human life. We consume these chemicals along with our regular food, which if consumed directly, have the potential to kill us.

At the Organic farms of Treta Agro, we constantly strive towards maintaining harmony with the rules of Mother Nature. Just Organik produce sourced from the Organic farms of India, growing in Harmony with Nature is an assurance of purity and being at nutritive best by harvesting on a land that is not polluted.

Local participation to manage these farms has helped in motivating many farmers to join the organic movement.

Just Organik supports Organic Movement: Buying Organic products motivates hundreds of farmers across the country to adopt traditional and healthy crop growing practices resulting in self sustaining farming and reducing financial stress on these farmers

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