Himalayan Orange Marmalade

No Added Chemicals, No Preservatives,  No Added Colors


Orange Marmalade: Prepared from organic Himalayan oranges (Malta), Just Organik Orange Marmalade is the perfect tangy treat filled with the goodness of orange juice and fiber rich peels.

Rich In Vitamin C: Also known as Abscorbic acid, vitamin C is found in abundant in Himalayan oranges, which makes the marmalade a perfect option to obtain it. Vitamin C is important for repairing tissues in your body as well as for the production of collagen, which maintains skin health.

Zero Fat:  Containing zero fats, Orange Marmalade makes an excellent choice for reduced fat diets. It is a perfect dietary addition to your child’s breakfast meal to help them manage their weight.

The Marmalade can be spreaded over various bases, be it toasts, crackers, breads, chapati, cakes, puddings etc.



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